• Aderma


    Aderma is the first dermo-cosmetic brand with a plant active ingredient from natural origin, the Rhealba Oat, which, thanks to its perfect pureness and exceptional richness of soothing active principles, takes care and protects fragile and delicate skins. 

  • Algotherm
  • Alphanova


    Alphanova is a brand of cosmetic cares and natural and biological food supplements.

  • Arkopharma
  • Avene


    Avène Thermal Spring Water has been known for more than 200 years for its anti-irritant and soothing properties. From this water, has been created a range of care products for face and body destined to sensitive, intolerant or allergic skins.

  • Ballot-Flurin
  • BcomBIO


    BcomBIO draws in the nature the best of plants to offer innovative quality cares answering to the essential needs of your skin. 

  • Bepanthen
  • Biocyte


    Identifying the main mechanisms of aging, the Biocyte Laboratory proposes through its products varied and adapted answers. The formula of each one contains natural, exclusive and innovative ingredients; destined to preserve the beauty of your skin and body longer. The Biocyte products come from biotechnology researches, mainly applied to fight aging, strengthening the cell rejuvenation. Searchers create the products formulas themselves, before to give the mission of production to the most skilled laboratories.

  • Bioderma


    The reputation of Bioderma Laboratories has been established for a long time ago! The brand Bioderma proposes a range of dermo-cosmetic products among the most advised and appreciated by dermatologists.

  • Bion
  • Buccotherm


    Buccotherm develops in collaboration with dentists and pharmacists, a range of dental hygiene products known for its efficiency, its safety and the well-being that it brings.

  • Cattier


    The brand Cattier offers a range of Organic beauty, hygiene and care products, respecting the environment, pleasant and efficient. With more than 45 years of experience, Cattier has a deep knowledge and know-how in Organic products. 

  • Centrum


    Centrum is a real nutritional helper, providing vitamins and minerals in order to allow you to stay fit and healthy.

  • Delarom



    40 years’ experience in aromatherapy, aromachology and phytotherapy are behind  DELAROM, a new professional skincare brand created by the Benet family, previous owners of Decleor and Darphin.


  • Dermalex


    Dermalex Repair proposes clinically proven treatments to combat eczema and psoriasis.

  • DermaSel


    DermaSel is a brand of the society Fette Pharma AG which develops since 40 years old natural products allying medicinal bath salts, products of dermatologic cares and cosmetic product.

  • Dermatherm


    The vision of Dermatherm Laboratories: the Responsible Cosmetic (without compromise, pure and free from preservative) and Ethic (organic certified cosmetic). 

  • Ducray


    Ducray Laboratories propose a range of products dedicated to health and beauty of skin and hair.

  • Elmex
  • Eucerin
  • Exfoliac


    Exfoliac, the brand of Noreva Laboratories, is dedicated to the care of young and sensitive skins with moderated to severe imperfections.

  • Filorga


    Filorga Laboratories have developed, over the years, biological products to fight all signs of aging (wrinkles, firmness, skin radiance). Directly inspired by aesthetic medicine, Filorga became, through the world, one of the most innovative brands, and is now known in more than 50 countries by specialists. To have more information:

  • Forte Pharma
  • Furterer


    The brand Furterer is named after its founder "René Furterer" a passionate of plants and essential oils, who creates in 1957 the first concept of capillary spa. 

  • Granions
  • Humer
  • Ialugen


    Ialugen belongs to the Genevrier Laboratory, historical expert in dermatology at the origin of innovative solutions for the treatment of wounds and inflammatory dermatose (eczema, psoriasis). An experiment to serve cosmetology through Ialugen products. The brand Ialugen is specially composed of the range Ialugen Advance. A range of expert cares formulated with high quality hyaluronic acid, in order to satisfy the anti-aging needs of the most exigent women.

  • Ineldea


    Laboratoires Ineldea " scientifically inspired by the nature".

  • Isoxan


    Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, to be fit every day, say Isoxan

  • Juvamine


    Specialists of food supplements for more than 20 years, the Laboratoires Juvamine propose different ranges of products dedicated to suit all your needs (tone, beauty, well-being, slimness....).

  • Klorane


    Klorane Laboratories propose for more than 45 years a large range of cleansing products and cares for the whole family, formulated with natural vegetable active principles rigorously selected for their efficiency.

    Klorane combines the best of research to offer products serving beauty and allowing you to spend a good time when using Klorane products.

  • La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay proposes a range of cares and make-up, to transform the skins every day, even the sensitive ones. The brand became a reference in the development of products dedicated to sensitive skins. The La Roche-Posay Spring Thermal Water is at the origin of the brand. A Spring Thermal Water with antioxidant, protective, soothing, decongestant and anti-irritant properties, entering in the composition of each care. The La Roche-Posay products integrate dermatological active ingredients, often inspired by the last innovations in medical research.

  • Lactacyd


    Lactacyd is a brand expert in feminine intimate hygiene. It proposes intimate cleansing cares offering women the softness they need for their intimate hygiene. Rich in natural lactic acid, Lactacyd products help maintain the natural activity of the intimate area and enhance the growth of good bacteria for the vaginal flora. The Lactacyd products are adapted to every life step: adolescence, pregnancy or menopause. Daily, they will help you feel fresh.

  • Lierac
  • Mavala


    The Switzerland Brand Mavala is the specialist of nails beauty and care! It proposes a complete range of cares answering to the needs of nails (fragile, devitalized, striated, weak, split nails,.... you will find the Mavala care). 

  • Melvita


    Melvita is the First French brand of natural and organic cosmetic resulting from the benefits of the hive.

  • Moller
  • Mustela


    The brand Mustela is known for more than 60 years as the specialist in parapharmacy for specific cares of the babies fragile skins, children and mothers-to-be. 

  • Naturland


    The brand Naturland is devoted to well-being by plants, through a range of food supplements with a basis of plants, vitamins and minerals.

    In order to propose high quality products, Naturland takes care of every fabrication step.

    From the selection of species and parts of plants to select (root, stem, fruit,....) until conformity controls.

  • Noreva


    Noreva Laboratories propose a range of dermo-cosmetic cares, adapted to all skin types and answering to the needs of doctors, dermatologists, and pharmacists.

    Noreva innovations serve your skin for more than 20 years, to propose efficient and tolerant cares, bringing suitable and targeted solutions to your cutaneous problems.

  • Nutrisanté


    The Laboratories Nutrisanté propose you a range of food supplements destined to act on your nutritional deficits in order to restore you balance. 

  • Nuxe


    The philosophy of Nuxe : Beautiful by nature.

  • Oenobiol
  • Onagrine


    Onagrine 'Inspired by Nature....Sublimated by Science'. The brand Onagrine creates for more than 30 years exceptional cares combining naturalness, performance and pleasure of use. 

  • Payot
  • Pediakid
  • Phyto


    Phyto is the pioneer of hair care by the plants. The aim of the brand is to preserve the health and to reveal the natural beauty of your hair, and in natural way.

  • Sanoflore


    The laboratory Sanoflore is the specialist of the aromatherapy and of the phytotherapy. The cosmetics Sanoflore assemble natural ingredients and cosmetic innovation, through the association of pure and precious actives (distilled essence of organic medicinal plants) to the search L'Oréal. The products Sanoflore will seduce you by their sensory innovation (utilisation of natural ingredients called "texture ingredient" to equal and overtake the sensations offered by the synthetic ingredients) and their olfactory innovation (new creations of 100% natural origin, elaborated by an expert perfumer).

  • Saugella


    Saugella products come from Research and Development of Rottapharm / Madaus laboratory: specialist in innovative therapeutic solutions especially in the gynecological domain.

  • Super Diet

    Super Diet

    Super Diet is a brand expert in food supplements with a basis of natural and plant products, since 1961.

  • Taaj


    The brand Taaj was born from the wish of its founder, Stéphane Levy, to propose to women in the whole world a line of cosmetic cares from the Ayurveda Science. 

  • Talika


    Talika is a cosmetic brand proposing innovative beauty products centered on 4 specific areas: eyes, hands, face and body.

  • TooFruit
  • Topicrem


    The vocation of the Laboratory Topicrem is to propose you effective products, simple and sure, very soft, for the hygiene and the care of sensitive skins : ultra-soft formulas, heartwarming textures, delicate scents.

  • Uriage


    The Dermatologic Laboratories of Uriage develop their products in collaboration with the dermatologists and the pharmacists of worldwide.

  • Vichy
  • Vicks
  • Weleda