Juvamine Ginseng of Siberia Royal Jelly 30 Capsules


Juvamine Ginseng of Siberia Royal Jelly 30 Capsules is a food supplement with revitalizing and toning action.


Take 1 capsule per day with a large glass of water, preferably in the morning. An excessive consummation can have a laxative effect.

This food supplement contains Royal Jelly, exclusive food of the Queen Bee, known for its stimulating and fortifying properties of immune defenses. The Royal Jelly is a rare and precious active which is associated to the Ginseng of Siberia for a revitalizing action. The Ginseng of Siberia is plant known for its properties of mental and physique bracing.

Agent de Charge : Sorbitol, Extrait de Racines Ginseng de Sibérie 24%, Gélule : Gélatine, Gelée Royale Lyophilisée 16% , Anti-agglomérant : Sels de Magnésium d'Acides Gras, Colorants : Dioxyde de Titane, Oxydes de Fer.

Pour 1 gélule : Extrait de Racine de Ginseng de Sibérie 83,3 mg, Gelée Royale Lyophilisée 57,1 mg.

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