Pediakid Nose - Throat 125ml


Pediakid Nose - Throat 125ml honey lemon flavor is a food supplement with Mallow, Black Elderberry and Ginger extracts helping the comfort of respiratory tracks. It is recommended to let the tracks free and to soothe these ones : nose, throat, pharynx.


With its extracts of Thyme, Primrose and Lime, it soothes the throat of your child. 

This syrup brings to children the best concentrated sources of nutrients and actives having a physiological effect. 

Shake before use. 

Before 5 years old: 1 spoon twice a day.

After 5 years old: 2 spoon twice a day.

1 month treatment. Renew it during the year when necessary.

The extracts of plants contained in this syrup are selected for their soft action. Its formula also contains soluble acacia fibres, allowing to rebalance the intestinal flora.

Sirop d'Agave 40%, Eau purifiée, Fibres d'Acacia 15%, Extrait Hydroglycériné de Plantes (Thym, Primevère, Tilleul, Mauve, Fleurs de Surreau, Acérola, Gingembre) et Propolis : 8% Glycérine végétale, Arôme Miel (Supports: Maltodextrine, Gomme Arabique), Correcteur d'Acidité : Acide Citrique, Conservateurs : Sorbate de Potassium, Benzoate de Sodium, Vitamine C, Concentré naturel de Citron (Support: Maltodextrine), Gluconate de Zinc, Gluconate de Cuivre.

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