Aboca GrinTuss Pediatric Syrup for Children 128g


Aboca GrinTuss Pediatric Syrup for Children 128g is a syrup for dry and productive cough of children.


This syrup creates a protective film with a "barrier effect" allowing to calm immediately and durably the cough, while protecting the first respiratory tracks. Specially formulated to stick to the mucosa and to limit contact with external irritant agents, it develops hydration of the mucosa and the mucus fostering its expulsion.

Composed with Honey, Grindelia, Plantain and Helichrysum, it is to use in case of dry and productive cough.

100% natural.

 1 spoon for children between 1 and 6 and 2 spoons over 6 years old, two to four years old, taking the last one before going to bed. Once the bottle is opened, use it in the 3 coming months.

Indication : Dry and productive cough of children.

Miel*, Complexe moléculaire de Résines, Polyssacharides et Flavonoïdes de Grindelia*, Plantain* et Hélichryse* (Poliresin), Sucre de Canne*, Eau, Huiles essentielles d'Eucalyptus, Anis étoilé, Citron, Arome naturel de Citron, Gomme Arabique, Gomme de Xanthane.

* Ingrédient issu de l'agriculture biologique.

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